Our client list is drawn from the competitive world of stand-up comedy and our boutique, focused company works closely with them to develop talents learned on the circuit into the skills needed for a long-lasting career performing and writing for television, radio and film.

Chambers Management’s artists are available for castings and read-throughs for acting roles for television, film and stage. Our acts’ comedic skills, combined with a variety of stage experience, put them in good stead for both comedic and non-comedic roles. If you are looking to cast one of our acts, please give us a call or email our casting address.

We look after a number of artists suitable for providing the perfect host, entertainment and atmosphere for your corporate event. Many of our artists have several years of experience performing to corporate audiences, hosting prestigious awards ceremonies and entertaining clients and customers at staff events. You can find out more about our corporate arm here.

We represent a range of artists with the ability to bring the perfect voiceover to your media or advertising campaign. Our clients have a wealth of experience providing voiceovers for a wide range of projects, from television or radio advertising, narration and voice acting for animation.

We look after all our clients’ full diaries so please do get in touch for any enquiries.