We would love to hear from you, whether you want more information on any of our acts or wish to discover how our artists can support your event.

Chambers Management Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the kind of event you wish to book them for. If your enquiry is for a club booking, the best thing to do is to email our info account info@chambersmgt.com with full details of your gig including date, budget available and location/venue.

If you are booking a private or corporate event, please email our corporates corporates@chambersmgt.com email with full details of your event including date, budget available and location/venue. A list of who is available for corporate events can be found here.

If you are a venue looking to get a tour date for one of our clients, please view our current tours here and send an email will full venue specification and availability to our info account.

If you are booking to book a charity event, please email our info account with the date, location/venue and charity you are raising money for. Please bear in mind that our clients support a number of charities of their own and have very busy diaries so may not be able to help. We will endeavour to respond to as many enquiries as possible but it may take some time for us to do so.

We can only arrange this for some of our clients. Sarah Millican and Jack Whitehall have their own fan mail addresses which are here and here respectively and Frankie Boyle doesn’t do autographs through this avenue. We are also unable to provide autographs for any of our international clients.

If you would like an autograph for any of our other acts, please send an A4 stamped addressed envelope to us with a note explaining whose signature you would like. We will make every effort to get you an autograph but this may take some time due to the busy nature of our clients’ diaries. Please also note that we are unable to return autographs in envelopes any smaller than A4 and without the correct postage due to the high volume of requests we receive.

We are not able to get acts to record personalised messages, nor sign specific cards, photos or merchandise that are sent to us. We politely ask that you refrain from sending such items as we cannot guarantee their return.

If you are seeking representation, please send us an up to date resume, gig list and video of you performing. Please bear in mind we receive a huge number of submissions and, although we endeavour to reply to each one, this may take some time. A general piece of advice is to provide us with the best video and longest gig list you possibly can as this makes it more likely we will be able to come and see you.

If you are very new to comedy, a great resource for tips on performing, writing and the comedy scene in general is Stuart Goldsmith’s Comedian’s Comedian Podcast while Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greaves’ book The Naked Jape is a brilliant guide to the mechanic of jokes.

Unfortunately we do not accept unsolicited material for any of our clients. Anything you do send will not be read and will be deleted.
The best way is via our info account. Please bear in mind that our acts have very busy schedules and a number of charities they already support, so unfortunately may not be able to help. We endeavour to respond to every charity request we receive but please allow us some time to do so.
Unfortunately, to ensure the privacy of our clients and due to the sheer number of requests of this nature we receive, we cannot arrange this for you.